All Access Basketball Practice with Alex Sarama
“Alex’s approach connects with players in positive ways that makes an impact with their development. Alex is creative with how he adopts a constraint-led approach, designing unique small-sided games with purposeful constraints. These activities are the next frontier for basketball coaches interested in incorporating evidence based ideas into their practices.”

Will Weaver, Head Coach Paris Basketball, Former NBA and NBL Coach
Amazing praise from some championship coaches
“Alex’s practices are high energy and engaging from start to finish. His ability to add challenges and constraints to maximize player learning is second to none. Incorporating evidence-based ideas into basketball coaching with his approach can help players and coaches at all levels.”
Ryan Josephson
Alex has the incredible gift of being able to use relevant examples from movies and pop culture to teach his concepts and philosophies. His ability to connect with his players in that manner is evident throughout these first 2 weeks of practices.” 
Andre Desjardins
“Coach Sarama might be most-known for his offensive prowess, but his teams are also top-notch defensively. He’s just as skilled at explaining defensive coverages and techniques and he makes sure his players have plenty of opportunities to work on it in practices.”
Ashley Cookson
"There’s nothing “traditional” about Alex and his coaching and it’s clear the players love it! It’s incredible to see the players’ growth in just a handful of practices through the use of SSGs and differential learning in individual and team workouts."
Francesco Nanni

This All Access Alex Sarama basketball practice bundle provides a unique chance to see how a basketball coach builds his offensive and defensive philosophies in the first two weeks of the season.

This bundle provides perspective on how to use the constraint led approach to basketball coaching to develop game principles and efficient practices with high levels of pace, energy and intensity.

Not only does this all access series show everything Coach Sarama does with his team in the four phases of the game: half-court offense, transition offense, half-court defense and transition defense, but it also goes further to provide the video breakdowns and practice plans that are used at the program on a daily basis. The series provides incredible access with 10+ hours of all-access practice material from the first 14 practices of the season.

If you want to receive a huge competitive advantage through vastly accelerating the rate of your program’s player AND team development, look no further than this all access series with Coach Sarama.

Features and Benefits
Small-Sided Games and Constraints
Learn how Coach Sarama uses small-sided games with creative task constraints to shape offensive and defensive principles.
Defensive Principles
While known for his work with the BDT Offense, this all access series is the first extensive opportunity to see Sarama’s defensive concepts in-action, showing how he builds defensive coverages, rotations, transition habits and much more. 
Learning Videos
See how Coach Sarama creates short learning videos which are shared with his team to reinforce the concepts that are used on-court.
Player Development
The series includes examples of the player development sessions that Coach Sarama runs with his team to supplement the work done in team practices.
Staff and Player Interactions
See how Coach Sarama interacts with his staff to run highly efficient and effective practices with the team. Everything is shown in this all-access series, including the conversations Coach has with his players and staff during each practice.
Teaching The BDT Offense and Triggers
See how Coach Sarama builds a complete conceptual offense within just two practices. This builds up to showing a number of triggers including gets, pick and roll, stack, pistol, flare screens, screen aways and more!
What makes these all access practice videos different from the rest?

Alex Sarama is regarded as one of the world’s leading practitioners for how he uses the Constraint Led Approach in basketball. This all access series allows coaches to see how modern approaches and advances in skill acquisition can be incorporated into how basketball coaches deliver their practices. This approach drastically improves not just the entire team, but the players individually as they become more adaptive within their environment.

Sarama is known for his catchy terminology and fast-paced coaching style, which is used to install what would typically be one season’s worth of material into just two weeks of practice. Seeing how Coach Sarama does this provides High School, NCAA and professional coaches with a huge competitive advantage over their rivals.

You will see an endless amount of small-sided games in these practice videos, seeing how a brand new team composed of 15 new players and only 4 returners, can run an advanced conceptual offense and disruptive defense within just two weeks.

Every team practice is a player development opportunity with Coach Sarama. This allows players to not just love coming to practice, but also improve at a rate which is exponential when compared to the traditional approach of drills and on-air practices. Sarama does a great job combining high intensity and energy while still maintaining a sense of humor and creating a positive learning environment for the players.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of how Alex Sarama runs his practices with his College Prep team.
Who is Alex Sarama?

Alex shares team and player development ideas for coaches, teams, federations, and organizations all around the world. Alex’s focus is on helping coaches stimulate their thinking by combining their personal and practical experiences with the empirical evidence which exists within the research world. Many of these evidence-informed coaching ideas that Alex shares are based upon the Constraint Led Approach (CLA) underpinned by Ecological Dynamics (EcoD).

Alex specializes in helping coaches make sense of the research, putting this into basketball-specific examples so that coaches can immediately integrate these ideas into their practices. He consults for NBA, NCAA and professional teams, while also serving as Player Improvement Specialist for Paris Basketball in the EuroCup and Head Coach of College Prep in Borgomanero, Italy.

His College Prep program is one of the few programs in Europe that aims to send players onto careers in the NCAA or professional opportunities within Europe. The first year commenced in the 2021/22 season, with fifteen players from ten different countries around the world, now growing to 21 players from 14 different countries around the world in the 2022/23 season. The aim of the College program is to share Alex’s work with the wider basketball community, showing the benefits of implementing the CLA vs relying on traditional, hand-me-down coaching practices that still dominate the coaching community.

Alex’s work has been adopted by coaches all over the world and he has delivered coaching clinics and camps in over 35 countries. This has included running clinics for the German, Swedish, Czech and English Basketball Federations, as well as NBA Europe and NBA India. In 2021, through Basketball Immersion he released the BDT Offense, the world’s first resource to help coaches develop their own conceptual offense from scratch using the CLA.

Learn more about Alex Sarama HERE

Alex Sarama joins the Basketball Podcast to share practical applications of evidenced based coaching ideas around constraints, affordances, movement solutions and an ecological approach.

Alex Sarama is providing you access to nine full practices for just $105.00.

Add the bonus learning videos and scrimmage with constraints for only $15.00 more.

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Alex Sarama Practice Video #1 (1 hour, 31 minutes)

Coaches will get an on-court demonstration as the team’s first defensive responsibilities are taught and practiced. Transition offense is emphasized along with different small-sided games and task constraints to develop triggers to be used in half-court offense.

Gets are developed through 2-on-1 and 2-on-2 small-sided games with creative task constraints. This leads to playing 5-on-5 early in the practice with trips. The focus then shifts to building the team’s switching defense within pick and roll.

A peel switch is then shown to the team, with players working on using it effectively defensively as well as how to beat it with coherent dominoes concepts and spacing habits.

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Alex Sarama Practice Video #2 (1 hour, 32 minutes)
In this practice, four new triggers are introduced: flare screens, wide (pin-aways), pistol and stack. Coach Sarama covers the three spacings that the team will use in pick and roll during the season.

Alex also looks at coverage solutions within the off-ball screens which include cuts, pops, slips, touch screens and ricky’s. Personnel specific close-outs are also introduced to the group, using a 4-on-4 activity to set the team’s defensive close-out principles while also providing a chance to work on dominoes.

The practice concludes with some scrimmages that feature a time and score element to get the team used to using all the game principles in a real 5-on-5 environment.
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #3 (19 minutes)
This video shows how Alex delivers vitamins segments (player development) with his College Prep team. The practice starts with Alex introducing guided defense to his players for the first time in the season. All player development concepts are closely tied to the game principles which are shown in the full length team practices.

Alex shows how different constraints can be manipulated within one platform 1-on-1 activity. He then links a 1-on-1 activity to Side Pick and Roll, one commonly used trigger in the team’s offense. This progresses to a multi 1-on-1 PNR activity to create a high level of time on task for the players. This video serves as a great example for coaches to see how to use constraints which shape a huge amount of varied solutions across a short time period.
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #4 (47 minutes)
The warm-up starts with guided defense used to shape various dribbling and finishing solutions out of a skate dribble. This progresses to a full-court 1-on-2 activity, featuring the PG push which is a key part of the team’s transition offense principles.

Small-sided games are used to improve pick and roll switching as well as giving the offense an opportunity to better attack the switch through a targeted 1-on-1+1. Alex then introduces the concept of shortening the pass on a pick and roll to punish any type of switch, show or blitz coverage. A boomerang is also presented as an option for the handler to punish their match-up vs the switch.

Alex shares one of his most-used SSG’s in the PNR, a multi part 2-on-2 with two basketballs. He shares some important details for the offense to create an advantage in the PNR, as well as for how the defense can neutralize it. The practice ends by revisiting the ‘get trigger’ through some 2-on-1 and 2-on-2.
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #5 (53 minutes)
For this practice, Alex is not mic’d up as coaches learn how music and arena sounds play a key part in his practices! The practice begins showing some of the differential learning shooting used by the College Prep team.

Alex gives the players the opportunity to design their own shooting activity, which is an interesting process for coaches to observe to see how autonomy is given to the players within a practice. This leads to a great 2-on-1 shooting game being invented by the players!

Alex then introduces a multi part 1-on-1 focussed on drive and kick and getting out to space. This is a key part of his team’s dominoes principles. After this, Alex gives the players a segment of practice to review their new BOB and SOB plays for the season. Loud music is played as the players attempt to become familiar with the new plays, without the support of coaches. Players must work together to problem solve and organize their teammates.

This practice is a low day practice, which shows some of the jog through activities Alex uses with his team, including Pick and Roll coverage jog throughs. Coaches also get to see 3-on-2 trigger shooting, something used commonly on low days with Alex’s team.
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #6 (53 minutes)
The practice begins with some two ball 2-on-2 out of the team’s commonly used Pick and Roll spacings. Alex shows how the same coverage solutions vs switching can be used to equal devastating effect vs the show coverage. The importance of shortening the pass to be available for the relay pass into the roller is consistently emphasized.

Additionally, Alex introduces playing out of the weak side dunker for the first time. He also talks about “punishing the coverage priorities” to ensure his team are on the same page. This is visible in the 3-on-3 segment of the practice. Alex then uses artificial crowd noises during the half-court 5-on-5 segment, seeing what pick and roll solutions are retained from the previous SSG’s.
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #7 (38 minutes)
Practice begins with Alex using his well-known “Jungle Shooting” game. Alex introduces this to his team for the first time in the season. He reiterates the importance of defensive verbals during this activity.

Alex then works on flare and wide with his team, two key triggers which are part of the team’s conceptual offense. He stresses the need to “re-trigger” when neutral if the first trigger does not immediately start dominoes.

Alex shows common coverage solutions the team will use, such as a curl, pop, slip, cut, screen your own and ricky (re-screen). He then revisits some of the previous pick and roll segments done earlier in the week to see what the players remember!
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #8 (43 minutes)
The practice commences with short, medium, longs, a commonly used differential learning shooting activity used by the team. Alex then introduces the team’s defensive scheme when playing against a non-shooter.

Alex addresses a team-wide problem with defensive rebounding, being sure not to give too much information amidst all the new concepts the team are learning.

For the first time, Alex introduces the drop coverage on Pick and Roll while giving the players a chance to explore different solutions to punish it on offense. This is facilitated through specific constraints within a 2-on-1 small-sided game. This progresses to some 2-on-2 and 4-on-4 to work on pick and roll offense and defense.
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Alex Sarama Practice Video #9 (20 minutes)
Practice 9 is a jog through for the team to go through their SOB and BOB plays. This is an example of a low stress practice. Attention to detail is emphasized within a ‘hard-first’ learning environment as Alex deliberately challenges the players through mixing SOBs and BOBs with different calls.

This series goes much further than the descriptions provided under each practice segment. This series is perfect for coaches wanting to learn more about:

Using guided defense in player development
Punishing coverages in Pick and Roll (extensive examples provided)
Introducing pistol, chin and double as triggers
Coverage solutions off gets
How to use unique scoring systems effectively in practice
The art of giving feedback
Drop coverage and how to punish it
Interactions with players and staff
LEARNING VIDEOS (Total 35 minutes)

Coach Sarama produces learning videos for his players which are short video breakdowns highlighting certain concepts from the team practices. With the bonus bundle, see the learning videos that Coach Sarama sent to his players from the same all access practices included within the main bundle. These x10 learning videos contain 35 minutes of annotated video footage. These videos help players focus their attention on the different affordances with transition, triggers, defensive coverages and much more. This is a great way for coaches to learn how to effectively use video to improve their team.

TEAM SCRIMMAGE (Total 50 minutes)
The bonus bundle includes one inter-squad scrimmage, which took place immediately after the ninth practice session (included in the main video bundle). Coach Sarama is mic’d up for this inter-squad scrimmage, where many of the concepts are coherently transferred from the practices over into the scrimmage. Annotated text is added onto the scrimmage to help coaches recognize the offensive triggers being used.
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Learn more about what and how Alex Sarama teaches, connects and transfers information to his players and team.

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